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Understanding the Chakra Energy System

I’ve been exploring the chakra energy system for years.  Although I’ve been learning about it mostly through the system of yoga, I realize that there are many other names for this energy system.  From indigenous healers to Tibetan Buddhists, these energy centers are universal when it comes to understanding the body and the energy body. … Continue reading

Late Fall and the Intelligence of the Seasons

“I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.” ~ Jeffrey McDaniel Besides the warming scents and deep green presence of evergreens in most temperate forests, the woodland trees are beginning to shed this year’s leaf growth to the forest floor.  This leaf cover not only builds … Continue reading

The Strengths of Sensitivity

Meditation, yoga, and long walks in the forest have all been great tools for me to sensitize myself. Growing up in a culture where TVs are left on, where people interrupt each other when speaking, where sirens and construction are the norm, and where store-bought music is always being played…it’s been a long road to … Continue reading

Seasonal Intelligence 2013

Here we go again! — the *second* run of my Seasonal Intelligence on-line course — where I guide you through the seasons of the temperate world.  We’ll explore herbs, yoga, meditation, foraging, traditional food preparation and the basics of the five-element Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) system. Each month, from March to January (with the exception … Continue reading

Recent Interview with Project Illum

Recently, I was interviewed by Project Illum, a team working to create an eco-healing retreat center in a the village of Jafre in Spain.  They inquired about the nature of my work and what I wish to see in a project of that scale.  I posted this interview here, on my blog, as I thought … Continue reading

Insects to Birds and Kumbhaka

the time before dawn There was a particular time right before dawn that I experienced fully awake a few weeks ago. It was a haunting experience that has me desiring to spend more time awake at this time of day. I am just now remembering that moment.  And, although it’s something familiar to me — … Continue reading

Seasonal Intelligence (on-line course)

Hey there friends,  I am putting together a monthly (one, 1 1/2 hour session a month) course beginning Sunday, April 29th on foods, herbs, and simple exercises for seasonal health and wellness.  We will cover the basic understanding of the following topics: tonic herbs and infusions, body care herbs, yoga and breathwork, Traditional Chinese Medicine … Continue reading

The Will to Live: A Chicken Healing Story

Last week a friend’s Dominique chicken got attacked by the neighbor’s hound dog.  The dog was put in a small cage to reflect on his abrupt actions through the rainy night.  The chicken…well, she had a fist-sized wound under her right wing; basically, the skin had been scraped back and a large amount of muscle … Continue reading

Discovering the Heart’s Desire

“If we can bear to face our longing instead of finding endless ways to keep satisfying it and trying to escape it, it begins to show us a glimpse of what lies behind the scenes.”  ~ Peter Kingsley I’ve been thinking about desire lately. The great mystics would call it ‘longing’ as Peter does in … Continue reading