Seasonal Intelligence (on-line course)

Hey there friends,

 I am putting together a monthly (one, 1 1/2 hour session a month) course beginning Sunday, April 29th on foods, herbs, and simple exercises for seasonal health and wellness.  We will cover the basic understanding of the following topics: tonic herbs and infusions, body care herbs, yoga and breathwork, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seasonal elements and organ systems, and foods for the seasons (some traditional food preparation).  We will simply explore ways to connect our daily lives and habits to be more in tune with seasonal cycles.

Considering that this is my first year to offer this, the cost will be very reasonable — $12 a session ($120 for 10 months).  We will use the on-line tool Vyew (click to check it out).  This is similar to if you have used that before.  Basically, we can talk and internet chat on-line while I present to you a presentation from my computer.  There is nothing to download and it is a fairly simple program.

When:  the last Sunday of every month, April 2012 to January 2013 (dates coinciding with holidays will be moved to other Sundays)

What time:  7-8:30 Eastern Time

What:  An on-line course called Seasonal Intelligence (see outline below)

Cost:  $12 a session = $120 for 10 months (can be paid in full by May 15th or paid in two installments, $60 by May 15th and $60 by Sept 15th)

Who:  For anyone interested in health and wellness, plants and herbs, foods and foraging, yoga and meditation

If you are interested RSVP/contact me at  For more information on my background, look at the other tabs on this website.  I look forward to working with you!

Be well, Lindsay

 Seasonal Intelligence: an on-line course for food, plant and herb enthusiasts
Rough Itinerary (subject to change)

April 29th

–        Overview of course and TCM elemental system
–        Culture and seasonal observance, 13 Moon calendar, etc
–        Food advice and guiding thoughts on food
–        Spring tonic herbs and what are tonic herbs?
–        Liver/gall bladder season (TCM)
–        Spring green drink
–        Yoga and movement suggestions for Spring

May 27th

–        Dairy Creations (dairy background, proteins/sugars, proper dairy selection, dairy preparations from ghee to yogurt to use of whey, etc)
–        Herbal Spring cleaning (threshing herbs, etc)
–        Spring seasonal foods

June 24th

–        Heart/small intestine season (TCM)
–        Herbs for Summer (teas, salves, hair care, etc)
–        Metta (loving-kindness meditation)
–        What are electrolytes?  And, proper use and selection of salt
–        Special topic:  healthy fats and unhealthy fats

July 22nd

–        Summer food prep thoughts
–        Foods for Summer (cold soups, whey coolers, and smoothies)
–        Wild foraging:  Blackberries, mushrooms, etc
–        Herbal immune support (Immunostimulants, immunomodulators, and immune system tonics)
–        Special topic:  Mead-making and honey bees (colony collapse disorder)

August 26th

–        Late Summer (TCM) – Spleen/Stomach
–        Yin/Yang balance
–        Ritual in everyday life:  self-care
–        Gut and Psychology Syndrome and the work for Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
–        Bone broths (and related herbs)
–        Adaptogens

September 30th

–        Autumn food prep thoughts (TCM)
–        Lungs/colon (TCM)
–        Intro to Pranayama (Belly breath, Kumbhaka, 3-part breathing)
–        Bitters and herbs for digestion
–        Detoxing for the colon
–        Nuts, legumes, seeds, and grains — sourdough (fermenting), soaking and sprouting (the kitchen, our first stomach)
–        Special topic:  gluten, gluten-intolerance, and celiac disease

October 28th

–         Journaling, free writing and dream journaling/dream-work
–         Herbs for lungs (mullein, lobelia, elcampagne, plantain, etc)
–         Special topic:  Lacto-fermented veggies and fruits
–         Special topic:  Composting
–         Celtic New Year – Halloween
–         Setting intention to let something go; an exploration of grief and grieving

December 16th

–         Winter food prep thoughts (TCM)
–         Yoga Nidra
–         Kidney/bladder season (TCM)
–         Importance of kidney energy
–         Herbs for kidney support and bladder support (UTIs, urinary tract, etc) – uva ursi, cranberry, pipsissiwa, blueberry, cornsilk, goldenrod ALSO nettles, horsetail, oatstraw
–         Walking meditation:  a way to slow down
–         Special topic:  dried barks, fruits and berries (decoctions) – schizandra tea

January 13th

–         New Year intentions around food/nourishment
–         Fear and the shadow:  plunging into the dark
–         Special Topic:  Seaweeds, Iodine, Kidney support, and Thyroid Function
–         Special topic:  Kombucha and Water Kefir grains
–         Forecast for February and March – special topic – the role of fasting in traditional, temperate cultures

February (TBD)

–        Farewell and circle share (conference call)

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