The Strengths of Sensitivity


Meditation, yoga, and long walks in the forest have all been great tools for me to sensitize myself. Growing up in a culture where TVs are left on, where people interrupt each other when speaking, where sirens and construction are the norm, and where store-bought music is always being played…it’s been a long road to recover the workings of my own senses. I was actually trained to be numb. Realizing this, I have utilized meditation, sitting, walking slowly, and a rhythmic movement practice to become sensitized and *sensitive*.

Unfortunately, sensitivity is, for some reason, viewed as weakness in our culture. This, of course, is the old story coming from a culture that, at the moment, is quite destructive to the fundamentals of life…and this old story happens to also be very damaging to the nuances and subtleties of the human spirit and Spirit in general. This damage and destructiveness actually comes from a place of fear ~ a fear of *feeling* all the intense emotions that life serves us. When we fight these emotions, we create suffering and violence.

I view sensitivity as a great strength. Looking back, I realize that it took an incredible amount of courage to actually feel what I was feeling instead of hiding or fearing these feelings, sensations, and emotions. And, by the way…sensitivity also does not mean that I cave in when I am attacked or threatened. More so, my awareness is heightened so that I can detect a true threat and protect myself and others accordingly.

Further, I can feel things that keep me connected to myself and in good relationship with other people. I can turn a mysterious sensation into expression and move the energy with my awareness. Over time, I have noticed that I can sense or intuit things before they happen. These are great tools and skills to have. I can also appreciate something as simple as the pattern on a butterfly wing or the way the butterfly moves its long tongue into the heart of a flower to sip on nectar. I feel that being sensitive or sensitized is incredibly important in the process of becoming an integrated human being.

Better yet, did you know that biophilia (the love of nature) will actually produce oxytocin in a human? Yes! When we bond with the Earth from an emotional, heart place, we actually are filled with that amazing bonding, feel-good chemical oxytocin. Similar to how a child and mother bond during breast-feeding ~ we bond with the Mother Earth this way. We are utterly dependent on her and in that understanding, we find freedom.

Sensitivity, love, and being in good relationship ~ I think this is a recipe for the future.

3 thoughts on “The Strengths of Sensitivity

  1. Nothing could be more important than our ability to tune in, to perceive, to care and to respond. What a beautiful essay!

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