Seasonal Intelligence 2013

MadhuHamsaHere we go again! — the *second* run of my Seasonal Intelligence on-line course — where I guide you through the seasons of the temperate world.  We’ll explore herbs, yoga, meditation, foraging, traditional food preparation and the basics of the five-element Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) system.

Each month, from March to January (with the exception of October), I will email you a presentation to review.  There will be roughly two presentations per season.  I will also give a live presentation using powerpoint on a site called (that is free) each month for an hour and a half (optional).  I will also be available to you for any health and wellness, traditional food, and herb questions that you may have.

The goal of the course is to find ways to connect our daily lives and habits with the natural, seasonal cycles.  This year, I will kick-off our seasonal celebration with a presentation on “Reconnecting with the Feminine.”  This presentation will set the tone and intention for the other presentations that follow.

The cost will be very reasonable — $15 a session ($150 for 10 months).  You can register by emailing me at maypop (at) to first notify me that you would like to participate.  I can only take about 15 people.  I’ll send out an email by February 20th, so that you can transfer money via paypal or send me a check.

Here is what a participant had to say about last year’s course:

“I had a very irregular and missing period before her course. Her caring advice and nurturing recipes have guided me back to a grounded, regularity. My intention when I began her course was to  bring some of the recipes and concepts I had previously read about to life. Exactly this happened. It is amazing how much easier it is to make sense of things with right and relevant timing. I am endlessly grateful for her influence on my relationship and clarity about right living. I believe this approachable class will continue to be a treasure to all those who choose it and the loved ones who receive its rippling effects.”

When:  the last Sunday of every month, March 2013 to January 2014 (until around the Winter months, some changes in meeting days — see below)

What time:  6-7:30 pm, Central Time

What:  An on-line course called Seasonal Intelligence (see outline below)

Cost:  $15 a session = $150 for 10 months (can be paid in full by March 15th or paid in two installments, $75 by March 15th and $75 by Sept 15th)

Who:  For anyone interested in health and wellness, plants and herbs, foods and foraging, yoga and meditation

For more information on my background, look at the other tabs on this website.  I look forward to working with you!

Be well, Lindsay Wilson

Seasonal Intelligence:
an on-line course for food, plant, and herb enthusiasts and for those interested in yoga/meditation

Rough Itinerary (subject to change):

March 24th
–        Welcome and Introduction
–         Overview of course and TCM elemental system
–         Reconnecting with the Feminine and why I designed this course

April 28th
–         Spring greens/weeds (identifying, etc)
–         Liver/gall bladder season (TCM)
–         Spring green drink
–         Food preparation thoughts for Spring (TCM)
–         Tonic herbs for Spring

 May 26th
–         Spring dairy discussion: prepping yoghurt, whey coolers, queso fresco, panna cotta, ghee, butter, etc
–         Herbal Spring cleaning (threshing herbs, etc)
–         Foods for Spring (and mushrooms)

June 23rd
–         Heart/small intestine season (TCM)
–         Herbs for Summer (teas, salves, hair care, etc)
–         Metta (loving-kindness meditation)
–         Special topic:  Fats (our friends)

July 28th
–         Foods for Summer (salt, cold soups, whey coolers, etc)
–         Summer food prep thoughts (TCM)
–         Wild foraging:  Blackberries and making jam
–         Special topic:  Mead-making!

August 25th
–         Late Summer (TCM) – Spleen/Stomach
–         Personal Ritual
–         Yin/Yang balance
–         Gut and Psychology Syndrome – Dr. Campbell Mcbride’s work
–         Bone broths (and related herbs)
–         Adaptogens

September 22nd
–         Autumn food prep thoughts (TCM)
–         Lungs/colon (TCM)
–         Basic Pranayama
–         Bitters and herbs for digestion
–         Detoxing for the colon
–         Nuts, legumes, seeds, grains – sourdough, soaking and sprouting
–         Special Topic:  Gluten, gluten-intolerance, and Celiac Disease

November 3rd
–         Journaling, free writing and dream journaling/dream-work
–         Herbs for the lungs
–         Special topic:  Lacto-fermented veggies and fruits
–         Special topic:  Worm Composting
–         Celtic New Year – Halloween and All Soul’s Eve and visiting your ancestor’s graves

December 8th
–         Winter food prep thoughts (TCM)
–         Yoga Nidra
–         Kidney/bladder season (TCM)
–         Importance of kidney energy
–         Herbs for kidney support and bladder support
–         Walking meditation:  a way to slow down
–         Special topic:  dried barks, fruits and berries

January 18th
–         Fear:  plunging into the dark
–         Special Topic:  Seaweeds, Iodine, Kidney and Thyroid Relationship, and Support Herbs
–         Special topic:  Kombucha and Water Kefir grains
–         Setting food/nourishment intentions for the new cycle
–         Forecast for February and March – special topic – plan for gentle fast and lymph/liver love!

14 thoughts on “Seasonal Intelligence 2013

  1. Hi! Will there be recordings of the live presentations available? I’m concerned about scheduling conflicts that may arise, but I am interested in participating. Is there still room?


    Carrie Radcliffe

    • Hi there Carrie, Good question. I didn’t do recordings last year. Hmmmm… That’s something I can think about this year. With the current on-line tool I use, — that option is not available (at least I think so). I will have to double-check. People who couldn’t attend the on-line sessions would just move through the presentation at their own pace. However, I agree, the live presentation was more involved and informative.

      • So, doesn’t provide that service. I’m not really sure how to go about adding that feature (recordings), actually. If you have advice — share away! For now, we will meet at the scheduled times and hopefully a good portion of the participants can make it. With my previous course, about 4 people could make it each time out of 10. That was the average number. However, everyone was emailed the presentation, so that they could review that on their own.

    • Excellent — send me an email if you wish to RSVP for this — I’ll send a registration email in 1-2 weeks. I’m taking folks first-come, first-serve. So, if you decide to take this course, at least you will be in queue —

    • Hi there Lisa — it would be an honor to have you in this course! Yes, I do cover temperate region plants in general… Some bioregionally specific plants…you might not find… However, last year, I had people from Montana, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina… The material is applicable for all in the US. Just send me an email to and I’ll make sure to include you in the registration email I’m sending out on Feb 20th!

  2. Hello Lindsey,

    I am interested in taking the course however, I work on Sunday nights. What are your thoughts about missing the sunday evening talks? I see that others had a similar concern … will you be recording the courses?

    • Good question. You will still have the presentation to view on your own (as a file). No, I don’t plan to record this year — however, I’m going to look into it this year and see if I can rustle something up for next year… I have one spot left……..

  3. Hoping for a way to record presentations in the future… I’d love to participate when that becomes available (I, too, work weekends)… ..

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