Current Offerings, 2019-2020

May 23, 7-9 pm – Herbs for Mental Health @ The SB Herb Exchange

June 29, 10 am-12 pm – Our Medicine Grows: A Plant Walk and Medicine Making Journey @ Explore Ecology, SB

February to December 2020 – Turning the Wheel, Finding Center – a 10-month Personal Transformation Course Using the Medicine Wheel – distance program

Lindsay teaches a variety of workshops locally and regionally on herbal medicine, foraging, traditional foods ways, seasonal living, and soul-work.  If you wish to inquire about a class or workshop or would like to invite her to guest teach, please email

Topics of past workshops include: Medicine-making, Building Your Materia Medica, Plant Energetics, Herbal First Aid, Introduction to Western Herbalism, Herbalists’ View of the Body, Herbs for Women’s Reproductive Health, Herbs for Postpartum Support, Botany & Ecology, Reviving the Alewife: Herbal Brews & Sodas, Wild Foraged Foods, Fermented Foods, Restoring Digestive Health, Herbs for Cold & Flu Season, Dive into the Hive:  the Honey Bee Apothecary, Plant Medicine of the Deep South, Foraged Farmacy: Crafting Your Own Medicine Chest, Basics of Permaculture, Care for Self to Care for Others (backcountry retreat for therapists and social workers)

Some venues Lindsay has taught at:
Explore Ecology in Santa Barbara, CA
Pura Luna Apothecary in Santa Barbara, CA
Maypop Herb Shop in New Orleans
Southeast Women’s Herb Conference in Black Mountain, NC
Organic Grower’s School in Asheville, NC
Blue Boy Herbs in Carriere, MS
Regeneration Springs in Abita, LA
The Homestead Education Center in Starkville, MS
University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS
Mississippi Food Summit & Agricultural Revival in Jackson, MS
Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA
Balanced Rock in El Portal, CA (Yosemite National Park)
Yoga Kula in Berkeley, CA


“I saw your class over the weekend. In fact I was on staff for the Southeast Wise Women’s Herb Conference for 9 years, up until this year when I took this job and stepped away. I was tasked this weekend with evaluating the new teachers at the event and reporting back to Renee. In short, I LOVED your alewife class. I thought you were inspiring and wonderful. Super excited about what you offer and how you offer it. Wanting more, more, more.”
~ Lee Warren, Executive Director of Organic Growers School, Asheville, NC

I have so much respect and attraction to your gentle and enthusiastic teaching style. A lot of people are going to be made fortunate by having a chance to learn about herbal medicine from you.”
~ Darrell Martin, Herbalist, Blue Boy Herbs, MS

“Thank you again for awakening in me an excitement I never knew existed.”
~ Karen, Mississippi

“I really had some ‘aha’ moments, especially when you were talking about the philosophy and spirituality in permaculture. Another profound ‘aha’ was when you were talking about the importance of smell and taste in the consumption of an herb. It got me to thinking about all of the sensory experiences we bypass in life and how we are doing our bodies and souls a disservice in this way. I have always honored the living things around me but now look at plants in a deeper, more spiritual way. That was an unexpected surprise from the class. Thank you!”
~ Nancy, Mississippi

“Thanks to your plant walks, my kitchen table is full of jars of tinctures and oils and vinegars in the making — cleavers, daisy fleabane, geranium, plantain, mimosa bark, chickweed, yellow dock. Gas oven’s pilot light is dehydrating huge trays of primrose…. and I even had success treating my cat’s bloody urine condition with parsley infusion last week. Never would have tried that before, would have raced off to the vet.”
~ Susan, Alabama