As some of you may know, I ran a wild-harvested, hand-crafted herbal apothecary for almost five years in Mississippi from 2013-2017 called Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.  You can read more about those days here.

I’ll be posting new herbal preparations on this page as things become available.

The majority of the plant material I work with is wild-crafted from the field & forest.  Some herbs come from sustainable growers and are either organic or chemical-free. Great care is taken when wild-harvesting plant material to ensure the sustainability of all plant and tree communities that I work with.

(All of my labels are hand-written now)

Salves & balms:

Skin love: first aid skin salve (2 oz for $15) – aromatic CA sagebrush leaves, yerba mansa leaves, mallow leaves, plantain leaves, organic EV olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax; for bites, cuts, burns, and eczema.  This salves is a powerhouse anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, vulnerary, and drawing agent.

Formulas, limited quantity (1, 2 & 4 oz for $12, $20, & $36, respectively):

Horehound Bitters Formula (2 oz) – Horehound is an abundant naturalized plant here in Coastal California.  The Spanish brought it over and it has taken to the dry, depleted soils that get little rain.  It is a hardy plant!  With an affinity for the lungs, this plant was a staple in horehound candies in early America as well as in traditional beers of old, pagan Europe.  Horehound’s bitter taste encourages saliva production, enzyme secretion, digestive juices to secrete, and peristalsis.  I’ve combined horehound with an herb to support healthy bile secretion (yellowroot) as well as carminative herbs, ginger and cardamom.

Immune Defense (1 oz) – A formula of anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs to deter pathogens while increasing your white blood cell count to fight possible infection. A good way to boost the immune system and even protect mucous membranes. Propolis, Olive leaf, Spilanthes aerial, Plantain leaf, Organic Sugar Cane alcohol, Spring water.

Balanced Restoring (4 oz – only TWO available) – A blend of adaptogenic (deters impact of stress on the tissues) and restorative herbs that will help you rebuild after an acute stress of some type. This building and nourishing formula is for restoring the body in a balanced way. Nettle leaf & seed, Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) root, Gotu kola leaf, True Solomon’s Seal root, Organic Sugar Cane alcohol, Spring water.

Nerve Nourishment (2 oz, 4 oz) – Soothe the nerves and tend the spirit. That’s what this formula is all about. Restorative herbs will buffer and strengthen the nervous system while relaxing nervines will relax and calm the body and mind. Milky oats (milky seeds), Motherwort leaf, Holy basil leaf, Hops flower, True Solomon’s Seal root, Organic Sugar Cane alcohol, Spring water.

Other herbal preps

Simple tinctures (1,2 & 4 oz for $12, $20, & $36, respectively):

Black cohosh (root) – wild-crafted, dry
Cleavers (aerial) – wild-crafted, fresh
Licorice (root) – organically farmed, dry
Milky oats (Avena fatua, milky seed heads) – wild-crafted, fresh
Motherwort (aerial) – organically farmed, fresh
Nettle (aerial & seed) – organically farmed, fresh
Partridge Berry (aerial portion, flowering) – wild-crafted, fresh
Southern Prickly Ash – wild-crafted, fresh
True Solomon’s Seal (root) – wild-crafted, fresh (double extract)
Western vervain (Verbena lasiostachys, aerial) – wild-crafted, fresh
Yellowroot (stems & roots) – wild-crafted, dried

Email me at lindsaykolasa@riseup.net to place your order or inquire about an individualized formula.

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