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More than ever…

More than ever… More than ever we need art. More than ever we need imagination. Not fantasy. No, not that. We need IMAGINATION. We need to take real pain, real suffering, and real injustice and transform it (with art)…into something meaningful and empowering. More than ever… We must call on our gifts… to dream, envision, … Continue reading

Winter Womb and the Dark

Winter words I’d like to share… Remember that fear loves Winter…loves dark…loves stillness… I have to remind myself to meet it as it is…as a long, lost friend coming to teach me something new about my mind. See it. Name it. Let it be on its way. What is on the other side of fear, … Continue reading


  Sisterhood By Lindsay Wilson Thank you to all the women who told me I was hot: To all the women who said, “Don’t hold yourself back, Is THAT all you’ve got?” Thank you for taking me to the edge And then asking me to fly, Knowing full well, that I’d much rather die Than … Continue reading


Timeless We still look into the night sky and wonder, We still look out across the ocean and wait… …don’t we… The ocean knows, the river never had to ask permission to flow, The river knows, the land never asked to create… And, the spark that lit up my eyes Never asked to be… And … Continue reading

the Creative: language lost?

the Creative: language lost? by Lindsay Kolasa a dream inside the womb. a seed, a spark. a coil deep inside the shell. yesterday’s breaths echo in chambers as the tail of an exhale slips into deep quietude reappearing in the swell of the inhale, sending out filaments of fairy tales from my gently parted lips. … Continue reading

Celtic Poet-seers

Along with the Druids, the island and continental Celts also had a class of people called Poet-seers.  These poet-seers had similar training as the Druids but more focused on reciting oral histories and shape-shifting poems. Their role was important in sculpting and preserving the Celtic cosmology.  Much of their poetic language was deeply embedded in … Continue reading

An Ode to the Mother Energy

“According to Shakta Tantric philosophy, Shakti is the the feminine aspect of cosmic energy and considered by many to be Lalita.  She is the primeval creative energy through whose womb the universe is delivered.  The goddess endowed her power of Shakti into the womb of every female, willing her with her most potent Inner Medicine … Continue reading

What we know we must become

“If you bring forth that which is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” ~ Gospel of St. Thomas This pounding, persisting story That will break through the period mark At the end of … Continue reading

Beautiful Beyond Belief

Mystic Hildegaard of Bingen’s mandala (12th Century) “I am dreaming back my sisters Whisper-worn footfalls on the Temple steps Skywalkers Storm dwellers Heavy-breasted cauldron keepers ..Songweavers Snake sisters Darkmoon dancers Labyrinth builders Star bridgers Fiery-eyed dragon-ryders Wind seekers Shape shifters Corn daughters Wolf women Earth stewards Gentle-handed womb sounders Dream spinners Flame keepers Moon birthers … Continue reading

Forgotten Forests

“But perhaps we may make our stand along the *edge* of that civilization, like a magician, or like a person who, having lived among another tribe, can no longer wholly return to his own.  He lingers half within and half outside of his community, open as well, then, to the shifting voices and flapping forms … Continue reading