Winter Womb and the Dark

spiralWinter words I’d like to share…

Remember that fear loves Winter…loves dark…loves stillness… I have to remind myself to meet it as it is…as a long, lost friend coming to teach me something new about my mind.

See it. Name it. Let it be on its way.

What is on the other side of fear, following on its heals?


They are doorways to deeper meanings and experiences.

Winter Womb

by Lindsay Wilson

Yes, death…
The trough of the year.
The land of the North, where bear hibernates.
…where fragile creatures offer up their beings to the great unknown.
…where we gather around the fire, get warmth, and watch flicker.
…where fear knocks at our door again
and reminds us how far we have come,
or how far we have to go.
…where all of our dreams tuck themselves
under leaves,
only to return
when we have fully embraced the dark.

…as if we had a choice,
we fight this pull.
We do…
And we eventually surrender
to Her ways.

Without death, there is no life, she says.
Rest she says.
Open your eyes in the dark, dear ones…
Remember that there is much work to do
in the winter womb.

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