Transformation: The Primordial Feminine Speaks

Inanna (Art by Mara Berendt Friedman)

Inanna (Art by Mara Berendt Friedman)

“When you consider something like death, after which (there being no news flash to the contrary) we may well go out like a candle flame, then it probably doesn’t matter if we try too hard, are awkward sometimes, care for one another too deeply, are excessively curious about nature, are too open to experience, enjoy a nonstop expense of the senses in an effort to know life intimately and lovingly.”

~ Diane Ackerman

Transformation: The Primordial Feminine Speaks

As if death could stop me…
You only avoid it because
You think it’s the end…
But it’s just the beginning…

As if the fragile contracts
You have with your fears
Could break my stride.

As if the molten longings in your loins,
Tirelessly moving
toward your heart,
Could not be heard.

I will be acknowledged.
I will be served.

I will be ridden like a wild horse,
Unsatisfied until the dawn breaks
and birds fly
against a golden sky…
Untethered from childhood blueprints
of scarcity and not-enough-ness
passed on from delirious generations
of patrons of prostration
to the lords of devastation…
Armor and sword…
Army and hoard…

To that…you will dance to no more…

Every bit of me will consume you
And transform you
Whether you accept me or not…
Will you learn to surrender?

Will you finally throw your body,
naked and hungry,
to the ground
and release with exhale?

Trembling thoughts of what will be lost
Cloud what can be.
The mystery is rich with possibility,
Don’t you know?

Crown your heart with
A garland of cactus blooms…
Let coyote call pierce through
The trappings
Of your worn out stories…

Listen to soul whispers,
Listen to my call in the
middle of the night.
Leap into the dark
And know that
Nature loves courage…
And that every step
Will be met with
Solid earth
From the rattling bones
Of yesterday’s choices.

August 24, 2015 ~ by Lindsay Wilson

This poem is an exploration of the death and rebirth process of the creative, primordial feminine.

With Venus bright and glowing in the evening sky…I have been pondering primordial feminine and great Sumerian story of the descent of Inanna (who was represented by the planet Venus).

This myth of Inanna was a deep, healing balm for me back in the my health crisis days of my mid-to-late 20s. This myth provided the framework for the feminine’s descent into darkness and reintegration with the light. This myth told me the story of a great goddess who shed all of her earthly possessions, even her own skin, to understand the workings of the darkness…eventually climbing out of the darkness to shine in the sky once again, fully integrated by accepting all parts of herself.

I thought to myself…if she could do that…I could do that. And, I did.

Venuses cycle is 584 days…encapsulating its movement from morning star to evening star (and then, the cycle repeats). There are two periods that Venus goes “underground,” a long one (2 months) and short one (2 weeks).

There are 5 “Venus cycles” of 584 days within an 8 year period. Astrologers say that 8 year periods are significant for people as they shed layers and leave behind the worn out skin of that cycle. I can attest to the 40 year mark being significant (huge shift from maiden to mother)…as well as my 32 year mark (when I left San Francisco and headed back South for some deep, inner work).

All in all…seeing her in the sky lately has me reflecting on the exploration of the dark and the light…and the integration of the two.

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