By Nathan Jalani Taylor ~

Heartfelt by Nathan Jalani Taylor ~


By Lindsay Wilson

Thank you to all the women who told me I was hot:
To all the women who said,
“Don’t hold yourself back,
Is THAT all you’ve got?”

Thank you for taking me to the edge
And then asking me to fly,
Knowing full well, that I’d much rather die
Than touch my lips to that endless sky.

My oh my…..

Thank you for denying all that I was not,
For shattering my pain with just one shot.
Thank you for letting me pour tears into your lap.
Thank you for giving and not waiting for getting back.

Thank you for helping me scream until my insides rattled
And shook loose anything keeping me from my truest self;
And for helping me laugh until my guts were tight with joy,
We saddled our darkness and rode it like cowboys.

And, oh…that long, dark night…
Thank you for holding my hand in the dark…
Thank you for not showing me the way, though.
I thank you for knowing I would gain more strength
From finding the way through it, on my own.

Thank you for howling at the moon with me.
For letting the moonbeams reach down into my womb
Until it spot-lighted my fears I learned from earlier years.

Thank you for raising a glass of wine to my mistakes
And for sipping and then gulping down…
Before telling me something I may need to face.

Thank you for shining the light on my blind spots
So that I could see them clearly,
All so that I could hold myself that closer to me dearly.

And especially, thank you for showing me that the Divine
Also has the face of Woman…
Her shimmering, sparkling skin
Only to be traced so tenderly from within.

So, thank you…thank you for all the women who told me that I was hot.
Because we are growing together,
This knowing, together…
Re-envisioning the feminine face from what has been lost.

5 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful words of wisdom! You and Nessa are so inspiring to me, and have given me so much to think about and ways to learn.
    Your both truely a blessing.
    Please keep posting & sharing

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