night sky

We still look into the night sky and wonder,
We still look out across the ocean and wait…

…don’t we…

The ocean knows, the river never had to ask permission to flow,
The river knows, the land never asked to create…

And, the spark that lit up my eyes
Never asked to be…
And yet, I still struggle to remember my own name,
…and from where the inner light came…

When I surrender my ghosts to the moon,
And let my heart blaze like the sun…
I get a little closer to catching the divine.

Over there, the tree stands still
And yet moves
Higher and deeper…
…higher and deeper…
…a sound lesson for the soul written before books.

By Lindsay Wilson, 2.22.14 ~ it’s been awhile since I had time to write poetry ~ feels good ~ even if it had to happen at 4 am

“Take the time to feel holy every day.  Find a way to write a poem to your ‘Invisible Soul.’  Take the most beautiful part of you that you’ve never met and welcome it home like a sweetheart.  Then go out into the street and look for the most invisible member of society.  Anybody.  Somebody on the street corner.  Somebody in a diner.  Give them that poetry as a gift – a gift for them.

The courage it takes for a small individual to give to another person creates so much admiration in the soul.  It becomes an integral part of the poet’s soul.  Plus, the invisible people aren’t invisible any more.  Little tiny people doing little tiny things in little tiny neighborhoods … that’s when the unblessed are blessed … and that’s when we will start to have a culture.”

~ Martin Prechtel

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