More than ever…

White Feather by Mushyk Vasiliy (

White Feather by Mushyk Vasiliy (

More than ever…

More than ever we need art.
More than ever we need imagination.
Not fantasy. No, not that.

We need to take real pain,
real suffering,
and real injustice
and transform it (with art)…into
something meaningful and empowering.

More than ever…
We must call on our gifts…
to dream, envision, and birth
a more noble way of life.

Art is the way.

And surely, something needs to die when something is birthed.
Life needs death.

Let the ways that cause harm…die.

We need edge-walkers.
We need shape-shifters.
We need fierce warriors.
We need light-holders.
We need hospice workers AND midwives.
We need nurturers and protectors.
We need initiators.
We need elders.
We need visionaries who speak from the heart.

We need to breath into each moment as if it is our first-last.

We need to rekindle the soul spark
that will sing us into the next steps of our human journey…

If you have a gift,
offer it up.
Where there was a wound,
there was a gift.
Share it.

By Lindsay Wilson, December 2014

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