Peanut Butter Paves


Chilled and ready to eat

It was 2007.  San Francisco.  Coconut butter had just come on the scene.  For me, at least.  I stuffed dates with its textured, coconut-fleshy fat goodness and dunked them in chocolate to cool and harden (and soon after, completely devoured).

About that time, my friend shared some recipes with that illuminated some alternative fudge-making ways using coconut butter.  I recently rediscovered some of those recipes and plucked this one out to revisit.

Peanut butter paves.  Apparently, ‘paves’ refers to ’tiles’ in French…note the small squares that they are…

I’ll leave it at that.  Good fat.  Yum yum flavor.  I used date sugar instead of coconut palm sugar.  I topped them with carob powder and coconut shreds.  Explore.  Create.  Nibble.


The original recipe


It wasn’t long before only this was left.

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