Black Walnut: the fungal fighter

Common Name:  Black walnut
Latin Name:  Juglans nigra
Family:  Juglandaceae (Walnut family)

Parts used:  green hulls, nuts, leaves, bark
Tissue or system affinity:  skin, intestines
Taste:  bitter, astringent
Energetics:  cooling, drying
Actions:  vermifuge, astringent, anti-fungal, mild laxative

Uses:  all references here to use are associated with the green hulls => topically as tincture, salve or infused oil to get rid of skin yeast patches, skin fungus, ringworm; internally as a tea or tincture to expel parasites (please be in dialogue with clinical herbalist or doctor); for parasites, normally blended with herbs like cloves and wormwood; rids the digestive tract of fungal or yeast over-growths; can move impacted intestines; some herbalists use for Hashimoto’s and balancing thyroid function (black walnut has both iodine and selenium, balanced levels of these nutrients are necessary for proper thyroid function).

Other uses:  the green hulls cut into chunks can also be used for a beautiful dark brown plant dye, watercolor, or ink; the nuts are tasty and a wild forage treat

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