Agrimony: uncurling fists since the beginning of time


Agrimony flowering in the garden

Common Name:  Agrimony
Latin name:  Agrimonia eupatoria (pictured above); we also have two natives species, one I find often along trails…however, I haven’t worked with them medicinally yet as I cultivate A. eupatoria in my garden ( the two wild species are A. parviflora and A. rostellata)
Family:  Rosaceae

Parts used:  leaves (collected before flowering), flowers (flower essence)
Tissue or system affinity:  liver, mucous membranes, skin
Taste:  astringent
Energetics:  drying, neutral
Actions:  anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary (heals wounds)

Uses:  In western medicine, Matthew Wood uses this herb for people who hold in their pain, for those who hold tension in the body due to “holding in pain”; can use with people who have alcoholism in their family with resulting damage on the liver; in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the herb is used to bring better blood flow to the liver if it is constricted by tension; since it is astringent and in the rose family, also great for diarrhea and for the healing of wounds (topically)

Side note:  The flower essence is used to help people who mask their pain behind a facade of cheerfulness

2 thoughts on “Agrimony: uncurling fists since the beginning of time

  1. Do you know anything about treating severe PTSD? I have a friend that has it. And has been on mirtazapine for many years. She’s tried to get off of it, but stuff worsened, and her doctor put her back on it. She just said to me: I need a brain that isn’t afraid of everything. I need a heart that doesn’t race/pound 24/7. I need to get off this horrible drug.

    She said earlier today: About the mirtazapine:

    It even says that if you experience worsened anxiety and/or panic attacks see your physician immediately.

    She needs rest. She said this today also:

    Trace I was having back to back panic attacks – severe ones. Everything feels unsafe, EVERYTHING

    Along with:

    I’m not sure I can take this anymore, Trace. I’m beaten down and feel there’s no help for me.

    We would come see you, if you think you could holistally help her. She’s extremely organic sans the anxiety med mentioned.

    In Peace, Health, Abundance and Happiness, Tracy 425-681-3580


    • Hi there Tracy – thank you for writing… And, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and her intense struggle with PTSD. The struggle is real and I know she can heal. Please email me at maypop (at) riseup (dot) net so that we can talk more about this. I’m about to give birth any day now…so I’m not in the place to assist her right now…but I can definitely either refer you to someone else…

      As well, has she read this article I wrote awhile ago about my own journey with PTSD and depression? I think it will help her ❤

      All the best, Lindsay

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