Holy Basil: clear mind & heart


Common Name:  Holy Basil (Tulsi)
Latin Name:  Ocimum sanctum
Family:  Lamiaceae (Mint family)
Parts used:  all above ground
Tissue or system affinity:  heart, brain, circulatory system
Taste:  sweet, slightly bitter, aromatic
Energetics:  cooling, drying
Actions:  adaptogen, antibacterial, antiviral, carminative, hypotensive

Uses:  internally as a tincture or tea; a very tasty and delightful Ayurvedic herb from India that has been used for centuries; lowers histamine levels, great for allergies and IBS; general tonic for overall wellness; protects the heart from stress; lowers blood pressure; lowers cholesterol levels; stabilizes blood sugar levels; a good herb for Type II Diabetes; anti-inflammatory in that it down-regulates excessive immune responses (auto-immune diseases, asthma); enhances cerebral circulation and mental acuity; can safely use this herb long-term

Side note:  this herb is incredibly easy to germinate and grow; in the US/temperate world, it grows as an annual and will reseed in your garden; the bees and pollinators just love it and the aroma is just heavenly

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