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Satsuma-zest Almond Meal Carrot Cake: Wake Up Cake

Lawdy be!  Gluten-free’s gone crazy on this one.  This has to be my favorite gluten-free dessert recipe yet.  It is one tasty, moist, flavorful, AND easy to make cake.  So, while everyone is snorting refined sugar and artificial food colorings this Christmas…take a sweet stand and bake this as an act of kitchen counter-culture. Be … Continue reading

Winter Warmth: Chicken Bone Broth

Key themes for winter: * stillness * storage * retreat * restoration * receptivity * kidneys * adrenals * cooked foods * bone broths * spices * roots * soups & stews * warming foods * immune support * nourishing * “For many of us, our interest in seasonality is somewhat selective. We want the … Continue reading

Eggstatically Alioli

My recent addition to the kitchen is Spanish alioli (what the French call aïoli and what we may want to call garlic mayonnaise in English).  Ah.  But don’t call it garlic mayonnaise.  I got the stinkiest of stink eyes from my Spanish friend when I did that. I must say.  Where has this condiment been … Continue reading

Ginger-garlic Sauerkraut

Somehow, I have not posted my ginger-garlic sauerkraut recipe yet on my blog.  And, with spring cabbages beginning to roll in, I decided to whip up a batch…while listening to Sade.  I think that Sade makes the lactobacilii happy (smile)…especially Smooth Operator. So, I really wish I would have been a foodie, plant-lover, and fermenter … Continue reading

Seasonal Soiree Past Menus

Starting in January 2013, Lindsay Wilson and Marion Sansing began a tasty collaboration in Starkville, MS.  Lindsay was inspired by the Full Moon Feasts that Jessica Prentice used to organize in the Berkeley, CA.  After getting to know Marion (a traditional foods explorer extraordinaire), they combined forces and started to generate creative nourishment like never … Continue reading

Apple Chutney (lacto-fermented)

Heirloom apple mix from Southern Appalachia A few weeks ago, a friend ‘found’ some apples — about two bushels — that were just ripe for the pickin’.  So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to do stuff with them before they go bad.  I didn’t feel like making standard apple sauce or apple … Continue reading

Late Summer Tummy Love

Late Summer arrived near the beginning of August.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a rare type of ancestral medicine that has remained quite flexible and integrated, Late Summer is one of its five seasons.  It falls between Summer and Fall and is time when the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies are balanced.  When Fall … Continue reading

Apple-atcha: A Cider Pressin’ Story

Last year, my friend and I made apple cider from the treasure-trove of forgotten apple orchards in Western North Carolina.  On some lonely trails behind a small, humble retreat center there are literally dozens of heirloom apple trees, mingled in with the wild, that drop bushels of apples on the forest floor and no one … Continue reading

Just Beet It

My love-hate relationship with red beets started many moons ago.  Fortunately, our late pop-star MJ, captures the essence of my former disdain for red beets rather well (look at his face).  He didn’t just belt out “Just Beat It” to bring insight into the web of inner-city gangs, he also sang to unleash the powerful … Continue reading

Lentil-Pecan Patties (gluten-free)

I made these yummy patties for a holiday gathering the other night.  I snagged the recipe from Sally Fallon’s cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, and adapted it a little.  I brought the dish to a family gathering in Mississippi.  The main ingredient in this dish is lentils.  While we stood in line to fill our plates, I … Continue reading