Seasonal Soiree Past Menus

seasonal soiree

Starting in January 2013, Lindsay Wilson and Marion Sansing began a tasty collaboration in Starkville, MS.  Lindsay was inspired by the Full Moon Feasts that Jessica Prentice used to organize in the Berkeley, CA.  After getting to know Marion (a traditional foods explorer extraordinaire), they combined forces and started to generate creative nourishment like never before.

Each month, Lindsay and Marion plan a menu the reflects the seasonal cycle, gathering local produce and resources for the meal, and prepare each dish from scratch.  This blog post will preserve the menus and memories that have been made over the past months!

All soirees are held at the Mississippi Modern Homestead Center ~ a gem of a place in Central/Northern-Eastern Mississippi.



January 2013 ~ Spice It Up!

Homemade Chai with local, fresh goat’s milk
Dahl on a bed of rice



February 2013 ~ Dark Chocolate Love

Rich, dark chocolate drink infused with a special mixture of herbs and spices
Flourless dark chocolate cake with berry compote
Guided partner foot massage with Hannah (each participant receives a Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary rosemary-cedar massage oil)



March 2013 ~ Spring Rejuvenation and Wild Herb Celebration

spring eats salad(our wild salad, packed with over 30 different wild plants and weeds!)

Wild herb pesto on buckwheat soba noodles with local goat cheese
Wild herb and weed salad with Sweet Gum Springs mineral-rich vinaigrette
Cleansing and digestive tonics, beet kvass and kombucha to drink
Grande finale: superfood-packed vitality truffles also made by Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.



April 2013 ~ European Slow Food Soiree

Seasonal Soiree April 2013 005Seasonal Soiree April 2013 010(top pic:  Marion and Lindsay and the feast, bottom pic:  dessert)

Lacto-fermented papaya-mango fruit chutney
Pickled cauliflower
Ginger-garlic sauerkraut (local cabbage from Rita!)
Chicken liver pate (believe me, it’s divine!) (Beaverdam Farm)
Sourdough bread
Gluten-free Quinoa, Millet Sourdough bread
Local chevre cheese (Marion’s best)
Local feta cheese (Marion’s best)
Panna cotta with spiced strawberry compote (Mast family, Macon)
Sparkling, local spring water and BYOB



June 2013 ~ Honeymoon over The Aegean Sea

June Seasonal Soiree 024 June Seasonal Soiree 025(top and bottom pics show the entire table layout)

Spanakopita (grain-free)
Cucumber salad with feta
Sprouted chickpea hummus
Tabouleh with a twist (we will use quinoa)
Sourdough flat-bread sprinkled with za’atar
Marinated olives
Fresh fruit and honey
Turkish delights
Mint gelatin palette cleanser
Hibiscus-mint iced tea to drink



July 2013 ~ Thunder Moon:  A Culinary Cooldown

marionwatermelon melonshisosorbet themeal(top:  Marion pouring more spritzer, middle:  sorbet, bottom:  lovely meal!)

Cold avocado corn soup with cilantro oil
French lentil salad with local chevre cheese
Summertime chicken salad (Beaverdam Farms free-range chicken)
Melon-shiso sorbet (to die for dessert)
Watermelon mint spritzer



August 2013 ~ Moon over Marrakesh:  The Power of Sweet and Sour

sumacade lamb tagine olives and chutney(top:  sumacade, middle:  lamb tagine, bottom:  apricot chutney and olives)

Spiced Veggie or Lamb-veggie tagine with quinoa
Apricot chutney
Hummus with sourdough flatbread
Sheida’s marinated olives
Cucumber salad with red onions and local feta
Dates stuffed with amazing, orange zesty goodness and Moroccan mint tea



September 2013 ~ A Late Summer Simmer

garlic and ginger simmering congee from above(top:  ginger and garlic, middle: congee, bottom: serve it up!)

Roasted Almond and Garlic Seaweed Salad
Congee based on either a pork or beef bone broth with a wide array of toppings: farm fresh eggs, roasted nuts, various sprouts, daikon, herbs and Kimchi
Azuki Bean Cocoa Brownies
Longan fruit and Chrysanthemum Tisane



October 2013 ~ Fiesta del Otoño

mole sauce sweet pot desert amazing salad horchata(top to bottom:  mole sauce, sweet potato-pineapple desert, salad, and horchata)

Baja Chipotle Winter Squash Soup
Roasted Chicken with Mole Negro
on Handmade Blue Corn Tortillas
served with Green Tomato Avocado Salsa
and Steamed Kale
Salad with Garlic-Lime-Cayenne Dressing, topped with Pomegranate
Sweet Potato and Pineapple Dessert topped with Pine Nuts
Horchata made with blanched almonds, rice, cinnamon, and lemon zest

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