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Dragon Song

Here’s my recent work that I just finished the other day.  I named it “Dragon Song” to honor the dragon that began to reveal itself in this art piece.  After posting this on Facebook, my friend asked if the new album named Dragon of Delight by Estas Tonne inspired my work (smile).  Well, it didn’t…  … Continue reading

Dancing Raven

I wanted to add this pencil sketch I did in 2011 called “Dancing Raven” to my art section of this blog.  Drawing flowing shapes like these and seeing what emerges is how I doodle.  This picture was drawn while I was living in the mountains in Western NC.  I actually lived in an old cabin … Continue reading

Some New Drawings

“And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see – or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.”  ~ Alice Walker Scorpion inspired Incomplete drawing:  Playing with patterns Small fire Movement


Actually, this fella is one of my favorite recent drawings — the camel.  I thought I was going to draw a bird of some kind, but the direction of the drawing kept on bringing me closer to a camel.  So, that’s what it became 😉 So…relating to the camel…the image posted below has been floating … Continue reading

Guineafowl Puffer Fish

When I first got into the water near a small island near Coibas (Panama), to go snorkeling, we encountered our first friend — a pale, gray…and quite dapper…Guineafowl Puffer Fish.  He was pretty much hanging out by himself in the shallow waters — not up to much.  And, as we got deeper into the reefs, … Continue reading

Deep Sea Fish

When I wrapped up this drawing…  I remembered a National Geographic show that I had watched many years ago about a strange-looking deep sea fish.  So, I guess this is my take on the Angler Fish (pretty intense creature):

Wheel of Life

2010, North Carolina — Ok, not the best image of my wheel of life (the center is a tree, by the way).  It was hard to hold the camera still! This labor of love is the medicine wheel I have come up for my back-pack/yoga trips that I have done a couple of in the … Continue reading


2010, North Carolina — As a child, the three and four toed sloths were some of my favorite creatures.  I think it was their faces that mystified me, as well as their infinitely slow movements.  Their faces seemed charmed with every moment of their inch-by-inch movements.  To me, they represent such satisfaction and savoring of … Continue reading


2010, North Carolina — While waiting for my laundry to finish in Hot Springs, this image came to me.  I actually put this together just days before a Tibetan llama visited Hot Springs, NC (as one of his students lived in that area).  In Tibet, Garuda is a mythological creature — a giant eagle of … Continue reading

The Landing

2007, San Francisco — As you’ll see in many of my art images on this blog, one of my favorite ways to create art is through these interrelating shapes or doodles.  This is something I put together while in SF — a peacock or bird of some kind landing.