Dragon Song

Dragon Song by Lindsay Wilson, Oct 2015

Dragon Song by Lindsay Wilson, Oct 2015

Here’s my recent work that I just finished the other day.  I named it “Dragon Song” to honor the dragon that began to reveal itself in this art piece.  After posting this on Facebook, my friend asked if the new album named Dragon of Delight by Estas Tonne inspired my work (smile).  Well, it didn’t…  However, I wanted to share the music on this post because it was so amazing!

Many have told me that my art would make great tattoos.  I definitely see where they are coming from.  This style of art was basically transmitted to me from my mother.  She would draw this way while talking to someone on the phone.  I would always find interweaving webs of doodle art on every phone book in the house!  I don’t know how the transmission happened, but I, too, started to draw this way.  One day I’ll snatch one of her drawings and post it!

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