Dancing Raven

Dancing Raven

Dancing Raven

I wanted to add this pencil sketch I did in 2011 called “Dancing Raven” to my art section of this blog.  Drawing flowing shapes like these and seeing what emerges is how I doodle.  This picture was drawn while I was living in the mountains in Western NC.  I actually lived in an old cabin that had a stuffed raven that had been partially devoured by insects.  I salvaged its wings and shortly thereafter, this doodle came to be.

Raven, the shape-shifter…
…the moonlight dancer…
…delighted in what sparkles and shines…
…with those jet-black eyes…
…that steely stare…
…he gives us the warning call…that we should listen…

“The (winter) solstice is the shortest day of the year.  The sun shines the least on this day, thus it is the darkest.  From that day forth, the light shines a little more each day.  This is symbolic of the influence of the raven.  It teaches how to go into the dark and bring forth the light.  With each trip in, we develop the ability to bring more light out.  This is creation.”  ~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

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