Ancestral Blueprints and the Soul of America

This book and I found each other about 6-7 years ago. I was in the throws of running an apothecary in Mississippi, my home state. I was seeing clients…and feeling into the living narratives thoughtfully explained in this book.

To say the least, it was affirming.

I want to share this book with you. It is based on Family Constellation Work, a powerful form of council/therapy that allows trans-generational trauma to be witnessed, worked on, and healed.

Having explored trans-generational trauma with my own ancestors, facilitating my own healing process (of which the work continues for me)…I was able to reframe my wounds and burdens in a wholesome, empowering way. I do sense that I have released some of my ancestors from stuck and silent places that they inhabited.

As well, I was able to experience the wounds and burdens of others in a way that allowed space — basically, becoming less triggered — and able to feel and explore things that arose for me while witnessing someone else’s struggles.

To the degree that I am able…I do understand where the hate, rage, fear, paranoia, addiction, and abuse comes from in the soul of America.

Before even reading this book, I had begun to work with clients in this way…often integrating ancestor work into many of my client intakes. These particular clients had some of the most POWERFUL stories of health and renewal. This book underscored what I was experiencing with my clients (and had been experiencing in my own life).

So, if we can see it…if we can understand the basic nature of humans…and the enormous amount of love that our ancestors have for us…we have a chance to heal these things. If we haven’t already, we must begin the work now.

So, this IS a resource for many who are willing to navigate the truths and reality of how America was formed…and how to move forward as a people… If that is you, please add this to your collection…  And, check out her website

Some excerpts from the book that spoke to me:



4 thoughts on “Ancestral Blueprints and the Soul of America

  1. Again, excellent.. a great sharing pertinent to the times. Additional ways to frame our current struggles is helpful.  I signed up for their newsletter.Thanks Lindsay.N

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