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Wheel of Life 2022

This will be the THIRD year that I enter the Wheel of Life with others for a journey. Actually, many years before I started this distance learning/experiencing program, I took people into the backcountry of Yosemite for 5 days on two different trips. It was co-led by a very experienced backpacker. Little did I realize … Continue reading

The Soul Belongs at Home

If you are dealing with *any* kind of addiction, that is a sign of soul loss. A harm. An assault. An offense. An abuse to your soul. Many people in our culture have experienced multiple assaults to their soul, and things compound, fester, and haunt that person. You can see that the light is not … Continue reading

Ancestral Blueprints and the Soul of America

This book and I found each other about 6-7 years ago. I was in the throws of running an apothecary in Mississippi, my home state. I was seeing clients…and feeling into the living narratives thoughtfully explained in this book. To say the least, it was affirming. I want to share this book with you. It … Continue reading

To Do List

To Do List Leave a crack in the door, for you are always available. Leave a part of your garden untended so the wild can have its way. Leave the milk out — don’t worry, it won’t go bad. It will culture, and then you can make creamy butter. Go to bed earlier and let … Continue reading