A Recap: Foraged Farmacy Intensive


“I’m holding my hand over my heart as I look at our group picture. What a wonderful couple of days, we learned and loved so much!” ~ Polly McClure, Birmingham, AL

Reposting this from my old website, http://www.sweetgumsprings.com, to this one (as I am about to shut down the other website).

I feel really satisfied with the recent intensive, Foraged Farmacy: Crafting Your Own Medicine Chest in Clinton, MS which took place the last weekend of May 2016.  This was the third time Jen Stovall and Rachael Reeves of Maypop Community Herb Shop in New Orleans and I have collaborated.  It’s always a good time.

When we started preparing for the intensive, we set some themes to guide our work and focus.  These were key concepts we wanted participants to walk away from the intensive with. They were:

* Understanding herbalism from a tactile, sensual, (practical), and imaginal place
* Plants are the teachers
* Magic and mundane in medicine-making
* Herbs and the creative process
* Seasonal living with food and herbs

It feels really good to reflect on those themes now that we are on the other side of the intensive.  Indeed, we did touch upon all of these…  And, I believe that it was all integrated and digested well by the participants.

After the recent Foraged Farmacy intensive, emails and messages came back that swelled with inspiration and renewed spirit.  I will share those quotes below as captions to pictures taken throughout the intensive by the wonderful, local watercolor artist, Robin Whitfield.

Thank you all for joining us!  And, thank you again to the Foote family for being the most gracious hosts!  To those of you we have yet to meet, we hope to meet you soon.  May the network of nourishment continue to deepen and expand, and may our intuitive natures and instincts be fed.

herb workshop 2016-23

Taking a closer look at two species of vervain. => “Thank you again for awakening in me an excitement I never knew existed.” ~ Karen Johansson, Clinton, MS

herb workshop 2016-34

Rachael teaching folks how to make an infused vinegar using goldenrod. => “I have been thinking about my weekend with all of you and want to say thank you to Lindsay, Jen, and Rachael for enabling all of us to find a place and reason to meet. I learned from everyone there and for that I am very appreciative. The whole group has such a passion for life and living that I felt very fortunate to be among you. My life has improved dramatically in the days and weeks leading up to this event and the changes I made were directly related to what we discussed over the weekend. So, please, never underestimate the importance of the things you share with people. I hope to see all of you again soon.” ~ Bert Coker, Starkville, MS

wild pesto and crackers

Wild greens and herbs pesto and yellow dock seed crackers. => “I got so much out of the workshop. So much fun, so much to learn.” ~ Jo Everett, Jackson, MS

herb workshop 2016-33

Jen teaching how to make golden milk. => “I’m still reliving our weekend and remembering tid bits of moments and smiling!! So much to learn, so little time!!” ~ Jane Wasser, Jackson, MS

red cedar bundles

Making a red cedar smudge stick. => “This was such an amazing weekend! Looking forward to seeing how everything I soaked up unfolds in my life.” ~ Robin Whitfield, Grenada, MS

herb workshop 2016-2

Lindsay talking about wild cherry on a plant walk. => “I had an awesome time with you all this weekend! Learned some new ways to use herbs, met some pretty cool people, and totally enjoyed being in the woods! Thanks for doing this class! I was inspired and uplifted! You guys rock!” ~ Christy Littlefield, Jackson, MS


You can read about our previous intensive on plant energetics here.

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