Sanity is
the bright orange yolk
of the egg
I ate this morning.

It is the
ruby throat
of the hummingbird
that hovered by me
before it disappeared into the leaves.

It’s the bee that stung me today
and that I cursed
as it died
to keep me awake.

And, it’s the
chewed up plantain leaf
I put on my bee sting
to calm the pain.

It’s the
dust I so carefully swept
from the corners
of my room.

It is the


between inhale and exhale,
the sensation after I sneeze,
the double rainbow I’ve never seen,
and the growing sense of ease as I begin to connect the dots,

one at a time,
connecting them
to get back my life
right as I am letting it go.

2 thoughts on “Sanity

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  2. >Interesting…a poem of mine has never sparked the addition of an advertisement to my blog. A chewed up plantain leaf works just dandy as well.

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