Prepare a glass of May Wine and read this poem 😉

was it my hands clapping that night?
or, was the music
simply keeping time
through me?

my heart only knows…

instruments floated
before faces
once removed:
you were eating,
you were talking to a friend,
you were just gazing at the dark sky…

but then, you were
tangled up in tempo
forgetting to chew,
or to say goodbye,
or to look down;
my heels continued to stir the night air…

was it my hands clapping that night?
or, was i just remembering
what it means
to live?

my heart only knows…

all day it was raining,
and rightly so…
the hole was wet,
the poll was wet
and we gladly blessed them both.

a bouquet of flowers
landed in the hands of the new queen
who requested
Earth prayers and songs
from her prospective consort, the king.

she chose the one
who had the courage to worship,
whose lips were wet with praise.

oh, now i see…
my hands were clapping that night,
because i knew

that this was living,
polishing my spirit this way —
with song,
with dance,
with so many willing souls.

and why not?

my heart only knows…

April 26, 2010 — Spring Creek, NC

*Dedicated to the community I celebrated Beltane with. It was a special day and night we shared honoring the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, their union, and blessed fertility. It gave me a window into community reverence for the cycle of life. It felt like we all remembered a piece, a fragment of how to create ritual in our lives; we put these pieces together so well. At times moments were awkward, more often — they were full of grace and the potential of mid-Spring. May we continue to remember the way home.

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