Visualization on Family Lineage

I was just discussing family and the role of children in family with a friend. During our discussion I came up with an interesting metaphor for the way that families pass down energetic “packages” to their children. Of course, many spiritual practices and religions have something akin to this concept — like ancestral karma in yogic philosophy.

I decided to create a visualization exercise to go along with this metaphor. I think this is a useful tool to see and understand what has been passed down to you and to decide what you will do with it.

Have someone read this passage to you.

Sit comfortably. Imagine a place that provides you the feeling of safety and support. What is in this place? What is the lighting like? Are there familiar objects around you? Walk around this place and become familiar with it. Take a few minutes to breath and really experience the place that you are in.

It is time to invite your parents into the space. Allow these two figures to stand in your place. Notice the feelings that arise. Let them rise and settle in you. They have come to give you something — an object. This object represents your family’s energy — it’s lineage, it’s meaning. They are holding this object in the palms of their hands. Both parents are cupping this object in their four hands and showing it to you. What does it look like? What is the expression on your parents’ face? What is coming up for you as you see what they are giving you?

Again…breath into this moment and allow emotions to rise and fall in their own time. Your parents begin to walk towards you with the object in their hands. They would like to hand it to you. What do you sense as they near? When you are ready…find a way to accept their offering to you. Hold the object they have given you. What does it feel like to be given this object? Spend a few moments studying what you have been given. What does this object mean to you?

When you feel that you have learned all you can from observing this offering from your parents consider how to move forward in your own life. What has been given to you? What does your honorable path look like? How does this offering affect your life. What can you do to transform certain aspects of this family offering? What aspects are supportive and what aspects are draining of your life energy?

Imagine yourself beginning to walk down the path you have chosen… Allow yourself time to walk with this offering and feel its presence…

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself… When you are ready, you can open your eyes…

I encourage you to either discuss your experience with a loved one or to journal about your visualization. And, this practice is something you can repeat until you find clarity to the following questions: What is being set forth in your family’s name? What are the strengths? Challenges? What does your path look like?

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