Foundations of Herbalism, 5 Month Series

The soul and structure of this program has been grafted from a series that I taught in Mississippi years ago which was informed by various workshops I had taught for seven years prior to that. Now that my daughter is 5 years old, I have the space and capacity to create and guide this series for folks in the local Santa Barbara, CA area. Basically, this series will be a distillation of what I have been learning and practicing of herbalism for the past 15 years!

As well, I have a background in group facilitation and pride myself in creating a learning space that is both hearty and engaging. We will use various forms of break-out groups and group exercises for critical and creative thinking. At the end of the program, groups will give a presentation on a particular herb they have selected to do an herbal monograph.

Join me. We’re going to have a good time!

Email me at lindsaykolasa (at) to inquire or register.

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