For a Friend – For Raw Cacao


Ethical, delicious…chocolate…

Vanilla Orchid * Peppermint Honey * Lavender Citrus * Cloud Forest – Superherbs & Mushrooms * CBD Alchemy * Cacao Alchemy * Appalachian Wild Chai

Y’all. I’m helping a friend from Asheville, NC area get the word out regarding his amazing, ethical, organic, and raw chocolate goodness!

The thing is, his business is not only a super, ethical B Corp operation…he is a yogi (yeah, not the glossy magazine kind)…land conservationist in the US and Central America…and amazing musician (piano wizard!)…

I met him at a yoga conference years ago…realized we had a number of mutual friends in common from western NC…and have kept in touch since.

So, the story is, right before the *the virus* happened, Earthfare went bankrupt… His chocolate bars were sold in those 55 stores. So, double whammy.  He currently needs to raise $20,000 this month to keep going.

If you want to purchase a bar use this link (I do get a little windfall for promoting, but I would promote anyway) and feel free to share!

Rob at Mandala Chocolates is an awesome guy.  I hope he can continue doing his good work.  In the meantime, I just ordered three bars, myself…and I’ll be nibbling on those soon…

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