ReSTOCKing the Freezer: Bone Broth


Bone broth simmering

I started off this week by reSTOCKing the freezer with bone broth (you see that little pun nestled in there?  Aw yeah).

Chicken back, two chicken feet, some old turkey bones, kombu seaweed.  All of these meats/bones are from a local, traditional farmer.

I then add a splash of apple cider vinegar.  Some sea salt.  Toss in some bay leaves and black pepper corns.  Simmer 4-6 hours.  Let cool.  Transfer to jars.  Let cool some more.  Transfer to freezer (make sure there is enough room at the top for the liquid to expand when freezing).

I always put some in the fridge for immediate use.  If I find that it has created a nice gelatin the next day, I’m jazzed.

So, while simmering things this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post of why I think bone broths are a baseline, essential in any kitchen.

By the way, there are plenty of recipes on-line, this one is one of my favorite resources.

Merits of bone broth:
– gut healing amino acids
– easy-to-assimilate minerals
– collagen and tissue repair
– actually supports Liver detox pathways I and II
– easy to digest
– long history of use in all cultures for healing & wellness; this is documented well in Traditional Chinese Medicine
read more here

My favorite ways to use bone broths:
– to sip (great for bone broth fasts)
– soup or stew base
– to cook greens
– add to curries
– cook rice and other grains (instead of water)
– as a base for traditional congee or jook
– as a base for baby food purees
– little one’s “first food” (I used to administer bone broths to my little one through a glass dropper when she was 7 months old; then, she learned to sip on her own!)
– postpartum support for new mamas (add seaweed, think thyroid support!)


In jars and ready to use immediately (the one in front will go to the fridge) and freeze (the ones in back with more room for liquid to expand will go in the freezer)

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