Wintertime Motto: An Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

Every winter, I sense that the viruses going around — flus and colds — well, I sense that they are getting worse.  Partly, I blame the hyper-speed we Americans seem to move at (especially during the holidays).  I also look to our dietary habits…  As well, I look to increased number of flu shots administered.  Could it be that viruses (like bacteria’s response to antibiotics) are morphing in response to flu shots?

Take a look at this scientific paper (regarding measles) and consider that potential for the flu as well.

Just consider.

Anyway.  The take-home from this article is to prepare yourself for the winter and early spring cold & flu season.

One of my favorite immune formulas for the winter-time cold & flu journey is a berberine-rich plant (yellowroot, goldenseal, or oregon grape root — sustainably harvested or ethically grown), propolis (from the beehive) and a good immuno-stimulant (spilanthes or echinacea).

This combo keeps pathogens from burrowing deeper into the tissues, repairs the tissues, and helps the body eliminate waste products from either fighting an infection or produced by the virus or bacteria. it is also a powerfully anti-microbial formula (meaning anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal). And, to a degree, it modulates the immune system helping it navigate challenges.

This formula is great for deterring infection, fighting infection, and navigating a viral or bacterial situation.

For virus prevention (meaning using more frequently and not so strategically), I use fire cider or elderberry syrup.  (Both of those links go to my dear friend and former business partner at my old apothecary, Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.)

You can also look up any of Rosemary Gladstar’s recipes for either of those and make your own!

Here is a seriously useful write-up I did awhile ago on herbs for the immune system if you want to check out where other herbs fall on the list.  Seriously.

Rule of thumb is, AS SOON AS SYMPTOMS ARISE, start taking your herbs…tinctures, syrups, lozenges, teas…. whatever…. even the raw plant (chewing on raw garlic, ginger, or culinary sage can do amazing things!)…   Just don’t wait it out and see if you can knock it out with your jedi mind tricks (although they can be useful).

Too often i hear from a friend or relative that waited too long and they end up with an infection this way. Of course, herbs can turn that infection around in a heartbeat….but most people have not experienced the healing power of herbs, so they turn to antibiotics.

And, i totally get that. Why would you trust something you haven’t experienced?

Just so you know, I think that antibiotics have their place in medicine. Indeed they do. But, if herbs can help you…it would be better for your system to use the plant’s elegant medicine rather than antibiotics!

Just my humble opinion.

Stock your natural medicine cabinet and be ready. Vit c. Vit A (which can really become depleted with a fever). Rest. Bone broth. Epsom salt baths. These do wonders for the body as well.

Just remember that herbs were offered to us by the kindness and generosity of the world to give the body ease.  The more of us that tune into their intelligence, the better!

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