Another To Do List


“Swamp SymmeTREE” © – Lindsay Kolasa – Malmaison Scatters, Mississippi

Another To Do List

In this one, good life…
…if you are able to protect some land. Protect it.
Better yet,
fall in love with it…

Be sentimental
about the trees and the plants and the creatures
that call it home.

Be vulnerable when walking on the land.
Let it work on you
in mysteriously, humble ways…

Learn what is missing
and why…

Help bring it back
with a gentle hand.

In this one, good life…
In this one, good life…
In this one, good life…
…leave a legacy of a myriad species
dancing the noble dance…
so that all of our great, great grandchildren can be
and totally
in awe.

by Lindsay Kolasa
April 2019

Ecosystem Restoration – The UN has declared 2021-2030 the decade of ecosystem restoration, and they pledge to restore a total amount of land that would equal the size of South America. Let’s hope that it’s true and let’s hope restoration continues beyond that decade…this is going to take several generations to get us back on the right track again.

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