Medicine Wheel Practices


Medicine Wheel, © Lindsay Kolasa 2018

I finally have the medicine wheel bandanas in my hands.  These mobile, contemplative, folk art pieces were printed with soy-based ink (dark teal) on organic cotton bandanas (natural color).

In my last post on the medicine wheel, I didn’t include information on the handout that comes with each bandana.  I’ve written out a few practices that you can explore, such as a lunar practice, a 5-day practice, and an oracle practice.

IMG_3716 2

Medicine Wheel practices, handout

One that I didn’t mention on this handout is a simple gazing practice.  Basically, you would gaze at the bandana until something stood out to you…  I suggest that you soften your eyes and hold a gaze…not looking at anything on the medicine wheel directly…and see what calls to you…  The, explore that question, word, or animal guide more…


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