Zine: Seasonal Living with Herbs & Food of the Deep South



A project I’ve been working on for 8 years or so has finally come to fruition! Some of you have read previous blog posts on traditional foods ways, herbal medicine, and living with the seasons.  While others of you have actually attended a course or workshop with me.  Well, this publication is a concentrated dose of all that goodness!

I’ve printed a zine that goes over my journey of reconnecting with plants and food as medicine…and living with the seasons as a blueprint for deep nourishment. I tap into the rich tradition of southern food and herbs, infusing them with other cultures’ cuisines.

My desire is to continue to encourage a “network of nourishment” in a culture that has become almost force-fed lifeless, genetically un-diverse, and industrial foods.  To me, one of the most important things we can do is to understand how to create vital soil again; to put our hands in the dirt and plant a seed, watch life grow, and then, share our bounty with others.


I believe that food is more than fuel and that the act of eating is a deeply spiritual act outlining all that you are connected to and in relationship with.  Nourishment, healthy soil, and clean water need to be the birthright of all.  And, we shouldn’t have to eat alone (more Americans are eating alone now than ever before).

This 40-page zine is the first step…of what I hope will be a larger publication down the road.  I hope to inspire the nourishment and local food movement in the Deep South, which is the region my roots come from…and where I spent the past 8 years living after moving away many years ago after college.

The zine is divided into the four seasons, with three months in each season.  And, each season begins with key words for that season and ends with herbs and foods you can find in that season.  The framework of the zine arose out of an amazing workshop I taught with Jen Stovall and Rachael Reeves of Maypop Herb Shop (New Orleans) in Clinton, MS a few years ago.

The zine doesn’t have a table of contents or index.  My hope is that you or a book group will read it, month by month, and follow the seasonal rhythm as it unfolds.  I really want this zine to be dog-eared with notes in the margin and splashes of things from the kitchen on the pages.


Nourishing bone broth

The zine is packed with color photos and easy-peezy recipes that will make you feel like a culinary champ (watermelon rind pickles, anyone?).  There are also informative monographs on herbs like goldenrod and the legendary rose.  Finally, the talented artist and naturalist of Grenada, MS, Robin Whitfield, did the cover art!

Ready to dive in?


The prices are:

one copy – $14 + $3 S&H = $17
three copies – $36 + $4 S&H = $40

Click on the “make a donation” button to the right of this website to make your purchase.  Or, you can go to paypal and send money to this email — maypop@riseup.net.

You can also send a check.  Email me so that I can send you my address.

Please be sure to EMAIL ME your mailing address after you make your donation — maypop@riseup.net

FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE READ THE ZINE — please leave a comment below, thanks!

I will make it clear on this blog post when I have sold out! 

10% of all sales will go to the Lee Tartt Nature Preserve in Grenada, MS.   The nature preserve exists because of the efforts of artist and naturalist, Robin Whitfield.  She was able to collaborate with local and regional stakeholders to protect 300 acres of swamp and bottom-land hardwood forest.


Front & back of zine

8 thoughts on “Zine: Seasonal Living with Herbs & Food of the Deep South

  1. I am just now able to open your email.

    How much would they be wholesale to sell???? I might take orders on my FB page…what do you think?


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  2. Just a note to let you know that I received my copy of Seasonal Living. I love it! It is full of beauty, information, and inspiration! –Lori

  3. This is a review I wrote so I thought I would post it here as well.

    The way she sets up the book adds so much to it’s charm and story. She takes you on a journey through the seasons in the south. Lindsay starts in the spring and discusses herbs that you find during this season, how you can work with those herbs, and some recipes that are easy enough for anyone to follow. The zine continues on through summer, spring, and fall where she discusses what kinds of herbs and foods are available during these seasons and how to properly prepare these foods in a way that encourages the most nutrition. She includes color pictures and with each season, a list of the herbs, fruits, nuts, etc that you may find during that time. I also loved the stories she includes about the history of seasonal holidays, and her experiences with food in other countries. I highly recommend purchasing her zine as it serves as a seasonal guide that provides you with easy ways to incorporate local food and herbs to better your health and connect you more deeply to the environment.

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