Peppermint: cool down & perk up


Peppermint – old lithograph showing leaves, flowers, spreading rhizomes

Common Name:
Latin name: Mentha peperita
Family: Lamiaceae

Parts used: leaves
Tissue or system affinity: digestive system, nervous system
Taste: pungent
Energetics: cooling & drying
Actions: mild analgesic, antinauseous, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive

Uses: This herb is so commonly known and so legendary, that we know it is safe and effective (and a key herb in anyone’s medicine cabinet). Great for intestinal cramps and gas. Works on the nervous system to ease tension; can relieve tension headaches. Settles the stomach. Good to blend with herbs like yarrow for colds and flus (will help you sweat the flu out). Encourages a clear and uplifted mind (basically, perk up the mind without caffeine). Infuse in vinegar for a mineral-rich vinegar infusion or to use a hair rinse (especially great in the summertime). Great as a tea, glycerite, or tincture. I won’t go into essential oil use because there is enough info out there!

Side note:  contraindicated for acid reflux as it relaxes the esophageal sphincter

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