Anatomy of Stillness

Key Nielson East of the Sun West of the Moon

Children’s book Illustrator Key Nielson, “East of the Sun West of the Moon”

anatomy of stillness

the moon is yawning
and fog hugs the ground
as dew gathers at the tips of Everything

this Everything glows,

the pulse of insects
sounds like
blood flowing through veins

and the earth is cool and moist
beneath my feet

the stillness
reminds me of my center
like the eye of a storm would

the deep-night stillness
gives me needed pause
in a world chasing its tail

soon enough
my thoughts
begin to match the tone
of this refreshing, twilight gown
which cloaks me
and swaddles something
shaking in me
until it brings me calm

and then


wonder can open me up, again

i lean back
to look at the clear, night sky
as the sound of my breath gently fills my ears

i am small again
and the stars are grinning

Aug 5, 2017 – Chattanooga, TN – a moment of pause and a moment to write about what it feels like


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