Healing Clay

bentonite clay

bentonite clay

One of the simplest home remedies is the use of healing clay — internally and externally.  Although the practice of using clay as a cleanser, detoxifier and remineralizing agent is coming back…I feel like it’s time to write some information about it to help get the word out on this great age-old healer.

First, there are different kinds of clays that vary in their effectiveness.  Some are more gentle.  The most potent form of clay seems to be calcium bentonite clay, Montmorillonite clay, or Azomite.  These clays come from ancient deposits of volcanic ash (many were ancient seabeds).

I first read about these clays in “Secrets of the Soil” (which is an interesting read).  Mainly, they spoke about its use (mostly Azomite) in remineralizing soils and creating beautiful, abundant plant-life and crops.  They then shared some anecdotal information about its use internally.

Upon researching the topic, I discovered that the French green clay that I was using for a face mask (which does amazing things for my skin) was a similar clay to these clays and could also be taken internally.  These clays are very safe for consumption, so no need to worry.  Many clay sellers also denote that the clay is food grade and/or can be used internally.  To this date, there are no reports of allergies to ingestion or topical use of clay.

Traditional External Uses

dry skin
irritated skin
bites, stings
healing of wounds
athlete’s foot
bacterial over-growths
poison ivy (one of my favorite topical uses)
tooth powder (in combination with other herbs)

Traditional Internal Uses

stomach ulcers
crohn’s disease

I’d like to add to this list some words about menstruation.  I took about 3/4 of a teaspoon of my calcium bentonite clay in about 8 oz of water last night and feel that it greatly helped with the beginning of my menses this month.  Sometimes, I have debilitating cramps — mainly if I am under a lot of stress, causing burden to my liver and pelvic stagnation.  So, this happens a couple times a year…

Although I have not taken clay regularly for menstrual cramps, I do find that when I do take clay before my cycle, it definitely helps.  I find that my cycles start more promptly (instead of the usual slow start) and I find that cramps are reduced, if not greatly reduced at times.  I attribute this to the mineral content as well as the detoxifying properties of the clay.

Looking under a microscope, it is said that the particles of these clays look like rectangles.  They magnify toxins and heavy metals to themselves and do not release them once they are bound.  They then take these toxins out of the body through the excretory system.

So, it is wise to drink a healthy amount of water when you are taking clay internally.  The great thing is that while the clay is ridding the body of toxicity, it is helping remineralize the body and boost it on a cellular level.  At least, that’s what I have come to understand through some research.

There is abundant literature out there about these healing clays.  I will link you to some now (many of them referred to me by other nutritionists and folks that people had met in person):

Redmond Clay


Here is a general link to purchase Azomite on Amazon.com

In pill form, US Rare Earth Minerals

Also, a fellow member of the Weston A Price community offered these words about the developer of this website called Eytons’ Earth (a very informative site about the use of clay):

“My chapter leader cohorts and I have been on another forum with Jason Eyton, who owns Eyton’s Earth. We’ve been impressed with his intelligence, integrity and knowledge. He’s a genuinely nice and caring person. He really does his research, and he’s been very generous about helping others and freely sharing his knowledge. He has reasonable prices on his clay products too.”

Lastly, another Weston A Price member shared her experience with clay as well as her use of garlic and probiotics to rebuild the gut flora for a healthier, whole system.

That’s all for now!  Enjoy your exploration of the benefits of including healing clays into your first aid cabinet and medicine chest!  And, feel free to share any other information in the comments section.

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