2009, North Carolina — As you may or may not know, yoni is the word for vagina in Sanskrit.  To me, it has a better ring to it and more fitting then the scientifically dry word, va-gi-na.  I drew this image in hopes that it would make it into Susan Weed’s new book, “Down There” — a book on genital health for both women and men.  Susan Weed is a well-known herbalist and carrier of the Wise Women Tradition of medicine.  It is a lovely book if you ever get the chance to read it.  Oh yes, my image made it to the final selection, but did not actually make it into the book.

Also, besides advocates for healthy yonis, there are also yoni protectors and defenders out there.  Yes, I’m talking about Eve Ensler  and her V-Day movement — to end violence against women.  She educates men and women about the real issues in the US, Africa — and wherever this violence is happening (which is pretty much everywhere).  Tune into Eve to find out more about her amazing work on conflict minerals, reeducation of women’s issues in politics, and much more.

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