I wonder if it was I
that dreamed of the butterfly last night,
or if it was the butterfly
that dreamed
of me?

I wonder if it was the prayer
I made today
that named
my unborn great grandchild?

I wonder if the star
that I see tonight
because of the
dandelion seeds
my great grandmother
blew into the wind?

I wonder if my
thoughtful touch
to the hem of this mountain’s skirt
made the Earth blush
on the other side
of the world?

I wonder if the Beloved’s name
that I whispered
into the Spring breeze
found a thirsty heart
to sip it in
with just a casual breath?

I wonder if the moon
winks at us
in secret approval
every time we roll
our hungry bellies
towards the night sky again?

*The image is of the Gulf Fritillary pollinating the Passionflower, or Maypop.
**Poem inspired by the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and his butterfly dream — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhuangzi#The_butterfly_dream

Pisgah Forest – April 6, 2010

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