Reflecting Light

“Life is always poised for flight. From a distance it looks still, silhouetted against the bright sky or the dark ground; but up close it is flitting this way and that, as if displaying to the world that at every moment its perpetual readiness to take off in any of a thousand directions.”
~ Jonathan Weinter, The Beak of the Finch

Being iridescent —
being fans of feathers
and holding your wings to the sun…

Running on impulse —
kicking up your heels
as you find a path that is yours
out of this
constantly changing conundrum.

Looking at your reflection
in their shifting eyes.

Being of a Universe
that is expanding.

Being true to yourself

and living
just to know what that means.Searching for a soul
that is everywhere,
and cannot be named.

Two legs…walking,
rising to meet gravity…

Spreading your wings

to take flight —
being a reflection of light!*Written in Birmingham, AL – sometime in 2000

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