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Mallow Mallow and more Mallow Soup

Really, though. What has taken me so long to learn about molokhia (mulukhiyyeh) soup??? It’s a soup-like dish made in Egypt, Lebanon, etc… A recent post in a foraging group led me on an adventure with our local, invasive cheesewheel mallow plant (Malva parviflora or Malva neglecta). Although the mallow used in molokhia soup is … Continue reading

Prickly Pear Jello

“Cactus grow from Alaska to Argentina, or chilly Canada to chilly Chili, and other parts of the world. People have been eating Nopalea/Opuntia for at least 9,000. It’s not too late to join them.” ~ Eat the Weeds Prickly pears are ripening on their thorny thrones right now.  And, considering their widespread presence in North … Continue reading

Spanakopita (GAPS-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free)

At a recent Seasonal Soiree gathering, I served a delicious spanakopita dish.  My dear friend and foodie Marion Sansing and I collaborate on this monthly event at the MS Modern Homestead Center. Years ago, I attended Full Moon Feasts in Berkeley, CA while living in San Francisco.  These gatherings around delicious, local food led the … Continue reading