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Sweet Gum Tree: the warm protector

Common Name:  Sweet gum Latin Name:  Liquidambar styraciflua Family:  Hamamelidaceae (Witch hazel family) Parts used:  green balls, leaves, bark, resin Tissue or system affinity:  lungs, throat, joints, immune system Taste:  aromatic, slightly bitter Energetics:  warming, slightly drying Actions:  anti-viral, expectorant, astringent, drawing Uses:  topically, the resin can be used to draw out infection; topically, the … Continue reading

Southern Prickly Ash

Southern Prickly Ash or Hercules’ Club (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) Over the years, I have learned to use the inner bark of the young branches of this fascinating tree to make medicine. The challenge with Prickly Ash is that this lovely herbal ally’s young branches have *thorns* (hence the name) and that makes it a little hard … Continue reading

Pine Pollen Power

Every year, in late spring, people tend to grumble about pine and its ubiquitous pollen here in Southern Appalachia and the Deep South. There’s the usual allergies and then there’s the golden-yellow coating that was on every-single-thing outside. This golden dust is actually a medicine and a food. Donna Caire, a friend, naturalist, and Mayan … Continue reading