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A Survivor’s Guide to the Essential Oil Craze

“People who know me, know I love America and Americans, but on the question of essential oils, I am knocked to the ground by the method of selling and exploiting these precious plant medicines and by the conflict that seems to exist within the aromatherapy world itself. It makes me very sad.” ~ French Herbalist, … Continue reading

The Great Forgetting

Last weekend I gave a talk on Plant Spirit Medicine at a local UU church in Oxford, MS.  I was invited by the congregation and was so honored to be asked!  In the process of preparing for my presentation, I made a realization about Jesus that I hadn’t before. Of course, they are a very … Continue reading

Restoryation of our Egosystem

  Political cartoon, Russia, late 1800s I’ve always been disturbed by cultures steeped too deeply in their hum-drum, human-made histories. It’s almost as if they are in a trance. Certain cultures cling to these histories more than they do the need for clean water or clean air. I find this to be very toxic. I … Continue reading

Recent Interview with Project Illum

Recently, I was interviewed by Project Illum, a team working to create an eco-healing retreat center in a the village of Jafre in Spain.  They inquired about the nature of my work and what I wish to see in a project of that scale.  I posted this interview here, on my blog, as I thought … Continue reading

Summer Peach Chutney (lacto-fermented)

Fresh and fuzzy peaches Unfortunately, these beauties are one of the most sprayed fruits in the US.  So, always wash and peel (sigh, as if that really does anything) and buy organic (ask the farmer if they are chemical-free!) whenever possible!  Below, I have a lacto-fermented peach chutney recipe for you.  But, first — a … Continue reading

Apple-atcha: A Cider Pressin’ Story

Last year, my friend and I made apple cider from the treasure-trove of forgotten apple orchards in Western North Carolina.  On some lonely trails behind a small, humble retreat center there are literally dozens of heirloom apple trees, mingled in with the wild, that drop bushels of apples on the forest floor and no one … Continue reading

Food Sovereignty

Hello dear readers…  I’m about to share with you a topic that is the nearest and dearest to my heart — food sovereignty.  And, ultimately what I mean by this is community-based NOURISHMENT. After being raised in a “food desert” of sorts in small Mississippi town, it took me years to recover my health and … Continue reading

Forgotten Forests

“But perhaps we may make our stand along the *edge* of that civilization, like a magician, or like a person who, having lived among another tribe, can no longer wholly return to his own.  He lingers half within and half outside of his community, open as well, then, to the shifting voices and flapping forms … Continue reading

Seasonal Intelligence (on-line course)

Hey there friends,  I am putting together a monthly (one, 1 1/2 hour session a month) course beginning Sunday, April 29th on foods, herbs, and simple exercises for seasonal health and wellness.  We will cover the basic understanding of the following topics: tonic herbs and infusions, body care herbs, yoga and breathwork, Traditional Chinese Medicine … Continue reading