The Ties That Bind Us, Can Also Free Us

For many years, I have been working on ancestral and lineage-based knots or wounds in my family line — opening up the channels of my ancestral energy to flow more freely. What I have noticed this past year is a heightened awareness of the importance of this in our personal lives and family constellations we find ourselves in.

Such family constellations are deeply rooted in history, fate, and cultural expression. These constellations provide us insight into family patterns, themes that resonate over generations, and the meta narratives within the larger, arching historical records.

Following our family lines into the rich details of our origins illuminates and humanizes forgotten, hardened, or atrophied parts of ‘musculature’ that makes up the web of the body of our family constellation. Through exploring our family constellation, we can acknowledged the unacknowledged, we can remove shame from cloaking a part of our family, and can reveal secrets that lay hidden until ready to be seen.

This all brings life into our family system and into our own lives…and that of our children and future generations.

To be honest, I have found that working on family systems with clients — this has shown me the greatest and most significant shifts in health and quality of life in my clients. Yes, herbs — lifestyle — movement — these are all important for our well-being. But, this piece regarding ancestry — it reaches so deeply into people’s system offering both affirmation and orientation.

One book that I recommend is:

This book by Wolynn has been refreshing for me to read. It has affirmed all that has been emerging in my herbalism practice around family/lineage based patterns. He writes with clarity and I agree with most that he writes about.

I’m sharing this resource with you as I think we are in a critical time to dive in and do whatever work we can on our family systems. We can do this in the magically mundane details of our day to day lives…just by being present to what is unfolding… As well, by doing family tree research…asking relatives for stories and writing them down…and visiting burial sites and honoring those that have passed.

There are many ways to start doing this important work.

I, personally, have been diving into DNA-based genealogical research and have been solving some ‘silent things’ in our family history. It is been revealing and healing all at once and I know there is more to learn. Currently, I am using Ancestry, FTDNA, and GEDmatch for my research.

In the process of going down these rabbit holes of my family tree, I am learning a tremendous amount about the situational aspects of history. These details of the narratives of my family ground and personalize ‘history’ in a way that I have never experienced before.

Currently, I am working on a melungeon GG grandmother of mine. She was a mix of African, Native, and European. Her name was Mary Elizabeth Taylor and she was born in 1835 in Pickens County, Alabama. Melungeons are typically hard to research as being mixed race or identified as melungeon could cost you your land, your house, or your life. However, I always find myself drawn to her and how our family tree just make a full stop at her feet.

I have figured out who her siblings were and her mother. Now, I am working on her father, as well as other details of her mother’s side of the family. I am convinced that understanding her story and breathing life into it will send renewed energy into our family system.

A lot happens to someone or something with awareness and acknowledgement. It is the same for our ancestors.

(Picture above — unidentified picture from my father’s, mother’s side which were largely based in New York state)

2 thoughts on “The Ties That Bind Us, Can Also Free Us

  1. Hey Lindsay, did I read you moved back to the south? Where at outta curiosity?

    Hope you and the fam are doing well 🙂


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