Pavers Instead of Saviors

what if the fortress walls tumbled down?
yes, the real ones
and the ones imagined,
and what if — instead — they
formed foot-paths through the truth
of our own, inner primeval forest
with barred owl calls
calling to us
as we place one foot
in front of the other
taking one step
and contemplating
the next
until we find rhythm
with our own breath?

the paces
that grace  us
would lead us —

just footsteps
these well-worn stones —
would lead us home.

what if cathedrals of our hopes and fears
built up and fortified
over hundreds of years —
these too would come down
and make pavers
instead of saviors
to mark the way
through our own forest —
one day?

Asheville, NC — January 2011

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