Calling All Souls: A Medicine Wheel Distance Learning Program


The medicine wheel we will be using for our 10-month spiral journey to the center.

The 10-month Medicine Wheel program will, indeed, happen in 2020.
In a nutshell:
*** The course will be $250, flat fee. For anyone. If, by the end of the course, you are moved by the program and have experienced healing and your life has blossomed in new ways (and you are financially stable), you will be able to donate more.
*** A $50 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot. Please send that to me by check or by paypal by November 1st. The rest of the funds are due by February 1st.
*** Email me at maypop (at) if you are interested in the course.
*** Only taking 15 participants.
*** We will begin in Feb 2020. Program will end Dec 2020.
*** We will meet the first Sunday of every month from Feb to Dec. The time will be at 9 am PST. If you cannot make the call a particular month, you will receive a recording of the call.
*** The course will be self-directed. I will send out an email with contemplations and exercises at the beginning of the months that make up that particular direction. At then end of that 2-3 month period, you will MAIL me in hand-written or typed form … thoughts and revelations from that time period. And then, we move on to the next direction…and so on and so forth.
*** The program will culminate in the center…where the tree of life resides. Here we will gather ourselves and offer a gift of ours to our community through a workshop or offering. As well, it will be at this point that I guide you in calling in the directions through presence and prayer.
Ok, my friends. If you feel it is time, join me.
If you know of someone that needs this good work in their life, feel free to tag them or share with them.
I look forward to journeying with you.
In Spirit,

2 thoughts on “Calling All Souls: A Medicine Wheel Distance Learning Program

  1. Lindsay,
    Will $50 still reserve a spot for this program? I’d really like to do it but don’t have the whole $250 now.

    • Therese — yes, $50 right now is fine! And, you can pay the rest in two installations if that helps. Feb 1st — $100 and May 1st — $100… Would that work?

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